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Posted by wichitafamilyfun on October 13, 2009


Friday the grandsons and I went to visit the Keeper of the Plains, the Troll, and Riverside Park.  One of our favorite stops is the “Mysterious Rock Formation” where the astrological calendar is.  We were very disappointed to see that the area has been vandalized.  Someone has broken the stone out of the June rock and tried to remove the others.  Pieces of the tiles have been broken off, and people have carved things into the limestone.  This was a peaceful and beautiful place that we really enjoyed visiting every time we went to Riverside.  I just don’t understand why people feel the need to destroy things, that don’t belong to them.  Hopefully the city is aware of this defacing and has a plan to make repairs.  I would not be surprised though to hear that there is no money available to make such repairs, and hope that this doesn’t cause anyone to think the calendar needs to be taken down.  

Sometimes my fellow man is very disappointing.



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Free Family Fun First Saturday of Each Month

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on August 10, 2009


Have you taken your kids to the Home Depot for the Kids Workshops yet?  We did our first workshop a week ago Saturday.  We had fun!  The boys each made a “message center” from a kit that the Home Depot has ready for you and your child to assemble.  If you’ve never done this before, they give the kids an apron.  You get your kit.  They have tables set up with all the tools and supplies you’ll need to complete the kit.  When you’re done an associate gives the kids a tatoo, a project pen to afix to the apron, and a certificate of completion.  And on top of all that, they get to take the project home…all this for free!

We gave one of our complete projects to the Great Grandparents as a token of apprecition of all the things they do for the boys.  We’ll save a few of the others to give as gifts this Christmas!

To see the upcoming projects just go to the Home Depot site.  Then just show up at a store near you!

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New Feature On The Website!

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on June 3, 2009


I’ve added a new feature on my website!  Go to the Favorites page and you can click on links to videos I’ve taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo.  There is one on the gorillas and one on the hippos and tigers!  These videos were taken on our June 2, 2009 trip, so they are very fresh!

So, go have a look at what you can hope to find on your next trip to the zoo!

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The Tigers Are At The Sedgwick County Zoo!

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on May 18, 2009


And they are Awesome!  We were able to go Sunday morning for the members sneak peek.  The facilities look incredible.  Those are some really big cats!  And, as with the Gorilla and Penguin exhibits, they have a ton of volunteers on hand to give you wonderful information about the animals before you enter or to answer any questions you have. 

 As the zoo expands, it also finds more ways to create a realistic sense of what the animals real surrounding might be, for us.  It’s almost like waiting in line at Universal Studios or Disneyland.  RELAX I said almost. 

We were there for four hours, and didn’t even fit in half of the zoo!  It is an all day adventure, if you plan on taking it all in! 

There were also lots of babies to see.  Sweet little monkeys.  Beautiful lion cubs.  Goslings galore!  And I stress, we didn’t even see half of the zoo, so who knows what other babies there were to discover. 

Spring at the Sedgwick County Zoo is a must do, if you are not already making regular visits!  And if you want a wonderful place to go all year long, it is well worth the money for a family membership.

Plan a family adventure to the zoo soon!

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Sedgwick County Park-Boundless Playground

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on May 8, 2009


Today we made a visit to the Boundless Playground at the Sedgwick County Park.  If you are looking for something to cover all ages, this is the place.  Each age group has it’s own section, all enclosed in a gated area, so parents can feel a little at ease. 

  Not remembering all the features from our visit last year, we were not properly prepared for full blown play.  There is a very nice sand and water area for the smaller kids, so if you want your kids to get the full benefit, dress them for some water play.  You might want to take along sand buckets and digging instruments as well. (not to mention extra clothes to change into afterwards to save the car seats!)

We also enjoyed a stroll along the lake, crossing a small covered bridge, and spotting lots of geese and ducks. 

Although the Boundless Playground is worth the trip all on it’s own, you might want to consider packing a picnic lunch and making a day of it somewhere else in the park.  It’s a very large area with lots of room for everyone.

We’re going to give our adventure today lots of thumbs up!

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Is Riverfest A Family Friendly Enviroment?

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on May 5, 2009


Many years ago, I discovered the Wichita River Festival quite by accident.  I grew up just a few city blocks away from the Riverside Park area, and as a friend and I rode our bikes around, we witnessed steel drum bands, a few merchants selling their hand crafted wares, and skiing competitions on the river.  Like I said, that was MANY years ago.  Since then the Wichita River Festival has taken on a whole different life.  For many years as a young mother, we would, seek our spot along the parade route, drag our kids to the bathtub races, battle the foot traffic on Douglas, and always went the the fireworks finale.  But one year, all that changed,  people started becoming aggressive, and sometimes violent, and the year a small riot broke out in front of the Broadview Hotel, my husband and kids were trapped in the mess, and nearly trampled by the Mounted Police.  We never went back again. 

Now as a grandmother of two preschool age boys, I wonder if anything has changed?  I would love to take the boys to some of the events I use to enjoy, but most of those no longer exsist.  I don’t think the boys have ever seen a real parade.  Do I chance it?  Is this the year to find out?  As I review this years Kid’s Activities, I see many wonderful things I know the boys would enjoy.  Perhaps the key here is to avoid the weekends, and try working some of these activities into the week, when maybe the crowds won’t be as bad.

Are you the parent or grandparent of preschoolers who have recent Riverfest experience?  If so, please share your thoughts about small children at the River Festival.  You might knock a few of us off the fence.

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It’s Time to Gear Up for Wichita Riverfest 2009

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on April 17, 2009


Riverfest time is just around the corner!  And this year there are several new events.  New Riverfest Events  Be sure to check out Admiral Windwagon Smith’s blog for all the latest and developing news.  If you go here  you can view the list of kids activites planned for this year.  So clear your calendar, and get set to enjoy some of Wichita’s great festivities!

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Backyard Movie Night

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on April 13, 2009


As the weather becomes more mild, we look for more activities we can enjoy outside.  One great way to enjoy the outdoors is to have an outdoor movie night.  A few years ago I purchased the Tigers Electonics Zoombox from Walmart.  It has been a fun addition to our home entertainment.  When the night sky is good and dark, I just show a fun movie for the kids to watch on a sheet that I’ve attached to the side of the house.  I add a set of stereo computer speakers to enhance the sound, and we have our own “drive-in theatre”!

We pop up some popcorn and get the drinks ready just ahead of time!  You can set up lawn chairs or throw a big blanket on the ground. 

Although the resolution isn’t anywhere close to HD, it’s still viewable and the darker it is, the better the picture.  The kids just like watching movies outside!

Of course you might have a nice projector to use, and that would change everything.  But the idea is to have a family movie night, drive in style! 

So, before the days get to much longer, you might want to try this yourself.  Share your outdoor movie night with us!

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Creating A Family Adventure: Vegetable Gardening

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on March 17, 2009


What?  Has this woman lost her mind?  What kind of adventure is a vegetable garden? 

I would have thought those same questions a few months ago.  In January, I finally dug out my AeroGrow AeroGarden at the urging of my grandson.  I’ve had it since mother’s day.  Watching the little sprouts pop through the paper covers was one of the coolest things I’ve watched, and the boys loved every minute of it. 

Since I have been nagging the hubby to dig me a spot in the yard for a garden for about 4 years now, I decided to take things into my own hands.  I picked out a place that would get good sunlight most of the day, but be protected from any further north winds we may still have coming.  I don’t have much dug up yet, but it’s a start.  The boys were right there helping me any way they could, and are very excited about growing vegetables in the backyard.  I don’t plan anything too elaborate yet.  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and some squash.  As I become more secure with my growing abilities, we’ll add things in years to come. 

I know when we go to my mom’s the boys really delight in picking the little green tomatoes or bringing in a few raspberries.  I can just imagine the fun, and pride they’ll take in our own little garden.  Of course, I don’t discount the benefits either.  We will do follow ups on our garden as things get going! 

What better adventure than helping kids learn while they watch their own garden grow!







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Creating A Family Adventure-Bird Spotting

Posted by wichitafamilyfun on February 26, 2009

Wichita has had some unseasonable warm weather the last few weeks, and the birds are starting to become very active.  Along with their activity, the boys are really starting to take an interest in the different birds that visit our backyard.  We have a resident robin that appears to be collecting items for the spring home.  I haven’t seen the finch yet, but I have heard a lot of other birds calling to each other. 

Since the boys seem interested I decided we would start a family hobby of bird spotting.  For this I have downloaded a birding ebook with a few pictures for help in identifying some of the birds I’m not familiar with.  I also have used the enature site for bird calls and a list of birds for our area.  They can help you plan a bird spotting journal or chart.

To keep them interested over time, I’ll put a bird spotting book together for them, with pictures of birds I know they will easily recognize, and we’ll add information such as date and place spotted.  This family hobby can go anywhere with you, and gives the kids a focus on trips that might not usually hold their interest.

This hobby can also help the kids developan appreciation of nature, and all things living, making them more caring of their world.  And any time the family is doing something together, you give your kids a sense of love and stability and fond moments to remember.

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